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The Phallosan Forte male enlargement device relies on the principle of traction to augment the size of a man’s penis. More commonly known as a penis extender, this particular method of male enhancement is known to be reliable which accounts for its increasing popularity. Whereas most other products on the market make absurd claims (like gaining 3″ in just a few weeks), this penis extender is one of the rare ones that men can fully trust.

Traction is a concept that has existed for years and often used by medical specialists to lengthen the arms and legs of patients with stunted growth. This method consists in applying continual tension to a target body part with the intent of promoting a biological reaction known as “Cytokinesis“. It refers to the physiological response where the current number of cells increases through the repeated process of cell division. These newly created cells are subsequently used by the body when more tissue is required to meet growth demands.

Phallosan Forte Kit

The majority of penis extenders available have a design that uses rigid metal rods.. Its popularity is the reason why, aside from a few minor changes, this design has barely changed over the years. However, the majority of users agree they aren’t close to being perfect and could benefit from significant improvements, especially when it comes to practicality and comfort. It was with the intention of tackling these 2 important problems that a company from Germany developed an extender with a unique design which they named the Phallosan Forte.

How Does the Phallosan Forte Work

The old way of affixing the penis and the metal rods are now a thing of the past. The new system that replaces it attaches your penis in a more comfortable manner that uses suction rather than plastic straps and nooses. Tension is then applied when a strap hooking the plastic bell (that secures the head of your penis) is wrapped around the waist area. Though the procedure is simple enough, describing it in words isn’t easy which is why it’s recommended that you watch the following video.

To achieve good results, extenders need to be worn for long periods which makes the comfort aspect crucial. The majority of men are willing to accept some discomfort to get bigger but the degree to which typical extenders are uncomfortable doesn’t allow users to wear them for as long as they need to. The Phallosan Forte device adeptly circumvents this issue by using a plastic suction tip which, when in place, allows gentle pulling of the penis gland which creates the necessary traction without restricting blood circulation.

Enlarging your penis takes time and the best results will be obtained by men who are diligent about wearing their device for extended periods. Besides the problem that the metal rod design is uncomfortable, their rigidity also doesn’t allow them to be worn while sleeping and too obvious to be concealed beneath your clothes. This creates the obvious dilemma of trying to find enough hours per day to wear your rigid extender if you can’t manage to do so while you’re at work or sleeping.

The Phallosan Forte once again solves this problem by being less noticeable under your clothes so you aren’t restricted from using it only at home. Being able to wear it while sleeping gives it a big advantage over traditional extenders by allowing you to log in many additional hours of use. If you typically average 8 hours of sleep every night, your daily quota of traction time will almost have been met by the time you get up in the morning!

Even after being exposed to the benefits of the Phallosan Forte, some skepticism as to its effectiveness may still persist. The good news is that the manufacturer doesn’t merely relate subjective anecdotes but offers offers actual evidence to support their claims by providing the results obtained from clinical studies. Not only do these results validate its¬†ability to significantly augment penis size but endorsements from well respected doctors lends even more credibility.

Phallosan Forte Results

Traction is a technique that has existed for a long time and one which doctors use to elongate the extremities of patients suffering from growth abnormalities. It consists in applying resistance to a particular area with the goal of invoking a biological effect known as Cytokinesis. It merely defines the process by which the number of cells is increased through repeated cell division. Newly formed cells can then be used when growth requires the creation of additional tissue.

Over centuries and across the world, various tribes have relied on this process to extend different parts of their body. Metal rings have been used to extend the necks and lips of women in many African tribes. The Phallosan Forte extender does the same thing except that its goal is to lengthen the penis. It merely accomplishes this in a safer and more controllable manner.

Penis Curvature or Peyronies Disease

Around 5% of men are afflicted by this condition this which denotes excessive penile curvature. Though rare, severe cases can have a 90 degree angle and in one such instance the doctor recommended that the patient forego surgery and give Phallosan Forte a try instead.

The result was a significant reduction of the curvature which was reduced all the way down to 30 degrees in 6 months. Most cases are not as severe and as of now over 600 patients have relied on it to effectively treat this problem.

Clinical Study

Since the penis enlargement market is saturated with products of dubious value, finding the few that are reliable cab become a difficult task. When it comes to the results you can expect, its important to have reasonable expectations. Most of us have been subjected to numerous ads for products that claim the ability to add a few inches in less than a month. Such claims are the epitome of dishonesty and only preying on men’s gullibility for financial gain.

Staying away from products making those types of outlandish promises will help you to discard most of what’s out there so you waste less time. What remains still needs to be researched but at least the number of choices is now more manageable. Preferably, you should consider products with a proven history which are also endorsed by physicians and have been tested, ideally by an outside 3rd party. It meets all of those criteria and the Phallosan Forte clinical results are listed below.

This particular study was conducted with a group of 24 men between the ages of 20 to 68 during a 6 month period. Below is a chart that provides an overview of results attained at different points within the test period.
Clinical Study Test Results Chart

Results Summary

  • average erect length gains were 0.45 inches and 0.75 inches at 3 and 6 months respectively.
  • average erect girth gains were 0.25 inches and 0.3 inches at 3 and 6 months respectively.
  • average flaccid length gains were 0.4 inches and 0.6 inches at 3 and 6 months respectively.

Notable is that test subjects wore the device only 6 hours per day, 5 times a week. It represents the least amount of time required to get satisfactory results though the Phallosan Forte is comfortable enough that you can wear it twice as long without any problems. I’m just an average Joe yet my results significantly exceeded the averages obtained in the clinical study. Below is a summary of my results.

My Personal Results

Personal Gains Chart

My gains were around 1.3 inches while erect while girth came in at about 0.4 inches, an impressive result for a beginner. The most important factor is consistency and I have no doubt that anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to the process can at least expect to add at least an inch. An added bonus I noticed that my erections were harder and orgasms more intense and satisfying.

Phallosan Forte versus Sizegenetics

Considering Sizegenetics happens to be one of the most recognized extenders available, some may well wonder how well it stacks up when compared to the Phallosan Forte. Without a doubt Sizegenetics is a superior device that will produce results even though it contains flaws that are inherent to the older metal rod design. Even when taking into account that periodic improvement made more comfortable over the years, it still doesn’t come close to matching the Phallosan Forte comfortwise.

When talking about extenders, the comfort aspect cannot be overstated. They have to be worn many hours per day to produce meaningful results and this simply isn’t possible when relying on traditional extenders that continue using silicone straps and nooses to attach your penis. These invariably constrain your penis in a manner that impedes blood circulation and causes discomfort. This makes them difficult to use for extended periods without having to make an adjustment or take a break.

The Phallosan Forte uses a different approach to secure the penis which is held in place using vacuum pressure instead of strapping it down. The benefit of this method is a higher degree of comfort that extends the continuous amount of time it can be worn. This makes it easier to attain your daily quota of usage which translates to getting superior results in less time. When an extender causes discomfort, it is natural to use it less frequently and sometimes quit altogether.

Gaining Size As You Sleep

Practically speaking, Phallosan Forte has 2 main advantages over the Sizegenetics device. The most beneficial one is that you can use it while sleeping. One cannot overemphasize how HUGE this is. Night time use means you’ll be making progress while you’re asleep and, in many cases, meeting your daily quota before your day even begins. The bulky frame of conventional extenders makes it difficult to find a sleeping position that is comfortable and they also have a tendency to come off whenever you experience an involuntary erection.

Secondly, since it’s less bulky than the Sizegenetics, concealing it under clothing is easier which may be an important consideration for those plan on wearing it outside of home. Some men, for whatever reason, may not be able to take advantage of night time use or just want to accrue additional hours of usage. For those men, the option to wear it discreetly away from home provides added flexibility. Some simple math will quickly tell you that it would be hard to use it for the required number of hours if you weren’t able to do so at night or during work hours.

The Winner – Phallosan Forte

If you’re gauging how effective each one is, both are very close and choosing either one wouldn’t be a mistake. Some might even say that Sizegenetics holds a slight edge for ease of use. Though that may be the case since it’s subjective, the degree of comfort provided by the Phallosan Forte and the benefit of being able to wear it while sleeping makes the final choice more evident. In my opinion, in light of all the reasons previously mentioned, the Phallosan Forte is the uncontested winner.

An important point that should be mentioned that potential users may not be aware of is that its design makes it better at increasing length while being less effective for girth. No doubt that gains in girth will also come, but it just wasn’t made with the specific purpose of maximizing that attribute. If you’re more concerned about improving your girth, a hydro pump like the Penomet or Bathmate will deliver better gains. I would personally recommend choosing the Bathmate as it’s more comfortable and appears to be more sturdy.


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It should be mentioned that in earlier version, the condom sleeves included with the Phallosan Forte were less durable and prone to tearing. This problem required users to spend more money to purchase more sleeves. This problem has been solved by using a new material that is more resistant to tearing and heat while bonus condoms have been added to every kit. This problem has been corrected with more durable condoms replacing the old ones so every component in the kit will last as long as you need to your full potential.

For all the reasons previously mentioned, the Phallosan Forte is far ahead of all other extenders on the market. Ease of use and comfort give it a definite edge over any other comparable product that offers similar gains. To top things off, it also costs less than Sizegenetics while offering users an extended resource of relevant information to help those who need more guidance on how to get the most out of their device. For more detailed information about the Phallosan Forte, please visit their official website by clicking on the button below.

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